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Friday April 7
   Good Friday

Sunday April 9
   Easter Sunday

Sunday May 14
   Mother's Day

Monday May 29
   Memorial Day

Sunday June 18
   Father's Day

Tuesday July 4
   Independence Day

SATURDAY August 26
   9/11 Memorial 
   Field of Flags
    Volunteer 9 a.m.
   BYOB and join us.
   "Tim Bits" at 8:30
   See you here!
Monday September 4
   Labor Day!
Monday September 11
   Patriot Day!
Wednesday November 1
   Wreaths Out!
   Summer bouquets will
   remain on the flower
   racks until Nov. 15
Saturday November 11
   Veterans Day!
Thursday November 23
Sunday December 24
   Christmas Eve
   Memorial Candles
Monday December 25
   We wish you a very
   Merry Christmas!
Monday January 1, 2024
   Welcome the New Year
   with a candle
Wednesday February 14, 2024
   Valentine’s Day
   order candles for
   loved ones




Why is WCMPark different from other cemeteries?

WCMPark WCMPark is the only “memorial park” cemetery in Warren County. The concept of a memorial park is to provide a park-like setting rather than a traditional cemetery setting with its conglomeration of upright monuments. The use of flush bronze memorials enhances the park-like atmosphere. Families use fresh or silk flowers in bronze vases, which add to the beauty and symmetry of the setting. Flush memorialization eliminates possible pressure to select a larger or more ornate upright monument because of other nearby monuments as are used in a traditional cemetery setting.


Does WCMPark have a veterans' section?

American Flag Veterans are a part of the fabric of our lives and should not be segregated in a particular area, therefore, WCMPark has veterans in every area of the cemetery. Almost 25% of our interments are veterans. We do, however, have Privilege Pricing for veterans and for other public service personnel (firefighters, police officers, and fire police).




Why doesn't WCMPark allow planting of flowers or shrubs?


To protect the park-like environment, all landscaping is based on a master plan. Traditional cemeteries rely on the lot owners to provide whatever flowers or shrubs are planted; however, what one family likes, another may think is an eye-sore. Shrubs become overgrown or leggy, often infringing on another’s lot. Annuals planted for Memorial Day are not maintained by the family or cemetery staff, and become weed-choked or die from lack of water and attention. Such neglect can affect the beauty of surrounding lots.

To insure that every lot reflects the beauty of the area, WCMPark maintains strict regulations for decorating. To further enhance the beauty of each garden, our landscaping staff works diligently to maintain the shrub and floral plantings that grace every area. Our grounds display:

✓ Over 220 specimen evergreen, deciduous, and flowering trees

✓ More than 1,000 evergreen and flowering shrubs

✓ Hundreds of annuals planted in floral borders and raised planters

✓ Thousands of bulbs and perennials for variety and seasonal color

The master plan includes regular renewal of existing plantings. In fact, every area of the cemetery has been re-landscaped within the last 20 years. We are also delighted to have been a part of an Eagle Scout project that, with the help of the Action Club, placed 22 bluebird houses on the grounds.

What is Child Protection?


In the event of need, our Child Protection Plan provides space for the children and grandchildren of lot owners. The child must be under 21 years of age and unmarried. The grave space is donated; however, the family is responsible for the required Perpetual Care Fund and Opening & Closing costs. A 40% discount is also granted toward the burial vault of choice. There is no limit on the number of spaces that can be utilized by a family for Child Protection.

Our Babyland section provides interment space at NO CHARGE for any infant less than one year of age. The parents need not be lot owners. The only cost to the family is a reduced Opening & Closing fee.

We recognize that losing a child is one of life’s most emotional events. It is our desire that families would never need these benefits; however, we also want to assist in any way possible, in the event of a child’s death.

Blessed are they that mourn
For they shall be comforted.

Matthew 5:4

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