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What You Should Know About Cemeteries

Are cemeteries expensive?


Your cemetery is the final site of remembrance for a loved one what will be seen long after the funeral is over.

The cost of your cemetery property is actually one of the least expensive items on a list of funeral needs, yet it is one of the most important decisions you will make.

Since before the pyramids, civilizations have recognized the human need for remembrance. Many Biblical references attest to the fact that a place of permanent remembrance was vital to God and important to people. Abraham insisted on buying a burial site for his beloved wife, Sarah. Joseph of Aramathea pre-purchased a site for his family – which he then donated for Jesus’ use.

The cemetery is the final site of remembrance for your loved one – what you will see long after the funeral is over. Your cemetery should provide the level of care and professionalism needed to insure the beauty and peace of your site for eternity. Remember, that your one-time purchase of cemetery property maintains that site forever. Can you pay a lawn care firm once and have them mow your yard forever?

The cemetery you choose provides a permanent tribute to the life, not death, of your loved one. It is a perpetual record of yesterday, a sanctuary of beauty and peace today, and a promise of commitment for tomorrow.



How is cemetery property priced?


A cemetery lot is real estate. It doesn’t rust, wear out, or move away. It is actually an asset of lasting value, providing each family with security and peace of mind. Although cemetery property is only one of the items on a list of funeral needs, it is one of the most important decisions you will make. Your cemetery is the final site of remembrance for your loved one – what you will see long after the funeral service is over. Cemetery real estate is priced by a number of factors:

General reputation of the property for care, maintenance, and the training and expertise of their staff.

(Cemeteries are regulated by a variety of federal, and state agencies, including the Pa. State Real Estate Commission, OSHA, the FTC, fiduciary and trust regulations, as well as other safety and legal regulations that protect the public, the lot owners, and the staff.)

Location of the specific lot to enhancements such as:

  • roadway access and/or water service
  • trees or landscaping assets
  • statuary or other beautification features

Availability of lots in a specific garden or section:

  • Older or more developed areas have fewer lots available which increases their value.
  • Newer areas are often value-priced to encourage selection.


What is Endowment or Perpetual Care?


Cemeteries in Pennsylvania are required to place 15% of every burial space sold into a trusted Care Fund. The idea is to accumulate funds so that a cemetery can continue to be well maintained even if it no longer has property to sell or burials to be made. While WCMPark has more than enough property for continued growth, we are committed to insure that trust-fund income will support the cemetery far into the future, so that WCMPark will always be a cemetery “Where Beautiful Memories Remain Beautiful”.



What are Opening and Closing Costs

The ‘Opening & Closing’ cost is the labor charge made by the cemetery for making the interment. There are over 50 different duties that must be handled by cemetery staff in order to verify the location, open the site, inter the casket, refill the site, perform clean-up operations, comply with records maintenance, safety requirements, and equipment maintenance. The cost of ‘Opening & Closing’ includes payroll, equipment usage, supplies, insurance, and related office expenses.


What does not-for-profit mean?

WCMPark is a non-profit, family-owned/family-operated corporation.

Not-for-profit means that all funds received are spent for the benefit of the cemetery and its lot owners, not as dividends, bonuses, or owner profits. A non-profit cemetery may also receive tax-deductible contributions to the cemetery, to benefit the Endowment Care fund or a specific building or development fund.


What is the purpose of a Burial Vault?

burial vault

A burial vault is designed to support earth weight, and to protect the casket from being crushed. While a casket is designed to contain the earthly remains of a loved one, they are not manufactured for in-ground protection. That is the purpose of a burial vault or grave liner.




Is a Burial Vault required?

Most states do not mandate the use of a burial vault; however, most cemeteries do require at least the minimum protection afforded by a grave liner or other outer burial container. The use of a burial vault prevents the ground from settling over the years, and helps make it easier to maintain the cemetery grounds. Cemeteries usually require an outer container or cremation vault for an urn.

Blessed are they that mourn
For they shall be comforted.

Matthew 5:4

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